Just Because

Here’s a post, just because.

Just because it’s my vacation (although the entire year has been one!) I deemed I would post everyday.

Just because I FINALLY got done with that police clearance crap yesterday!

Just because I have a medical coming up in a few days and God! I hate hospitals and what they may pronounce upon the rest of your life!

Just because I’ve morphed from a friends stalker to a teachers stalker (all virtual, no worries!).

Just because I have written someone a (FREKIN’ LONG!) letter, who hasn’t even bothered picking it up.

Just because I know I have a pushover in me.

Just because I still love some very old friends whom I thought, well, leave that be….

Just because I’ve gone two weeks straight without indulging in my addiction that’s haunted me for over seven months! (you don’t get to know what it is as yet.) and I’ve more than just survived.

Just because I’ve had more hair turn white in the past six months than I ever nightmare-ed at twenty one, but my hair is still effin’ awesome!

Just because Pharrell Williams looks like my stalker. (where is he now anyway!? long time no see A!)

Just because I’m eating oranges after a year and they’re sumptuous, I’ve even downing the seeds.

Just because I had a dream about Lorde, and she looked very…… different.

Just because no matter what I drop down, nothing seems to fill my abyss.

Just because I love tea and cardamom.

Just because someone with a stage name ‘Naughty Boy’ can make SUCH GOOD MUSIC.

Just because I mostly feel like I no longer feel like I’m absconding life everyday (read subtext: HOLIDAY).

Just because tea after oranges is less sweet.

Just because I miss something, and I fear I always will.

Just because I’m out of whatsapp balance.

Just because I haven’t spoken to my best friend in days, or replied to my other best friend in longer.

Just because that’s life.

Well, my life anyway!





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