From the Chefette Diaries – 5

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Dish: Falafel and Hummus

A few days ago I made some falafel-hummus sandwiches (it was a friend’s birthday and henceforth that is officially the National his day food, as did he garner a new nickname!), it was quite the yumzer! 🙂

Here is the recipe I used :

Ofcourse, after I began I wondered why on earth I was using an Indian lady’s recipe to make such a singularly Arabic food?! Oh well, I was quite deep into the whole deal to change recipes anyhow so I just went ahead with the recipe!

Surprisingly it turned out not too bad! Due to some phone mishaps I have no picture to show you’ll but anyhow, this was one of those don’t judge a book by it’s cover, or falafel by it’s shape, situations so it’s all for the best you don’t see it!

Having spent the entirety of my childhood in the Middle East, I assure you it did NOT taste authentic, no siree, it was NOT the real deal, but somehow it didn’t taste quite so off either! In my opinion, don’t go with this recipe, but do try out another one because I am certain that it’s not as hard to make as you’d think!

So! The food movie I have decided to review today is Julie and Julia, most certainly a tribute to cooking, and blogging actually!

Merryl Streep and  Amy Adams, the cast couldn’t get more delightful to watch, the story was very interesting too, especially if you blog, or cook, very relate-able and real.

Sometimes we bloggers function for our readers, we breathe, eat, walk, sleep and think for them, and we don’t even know who they are or IF they are. Sometimes we focus more on the people, however few or many, who MAY read us for ten minutes a day and forget to look at those who are trying to read us every minute of every day, those who love us, those who KNOW us, and that’s just twisted irony.

I’ve been there, I still fall into that place sometimes, but thankfully I still have some voices in my head that remind me to keep it real and live, and be inspired to write, not live to write. Let us bloggers and writers of any sort take a minute and really think about this, and look at our lives, do we have the appropriate distance? Is our mirth and our somber morns, our highs and our jaded lows, our victorious triumphs and our uphill battles all still flesh and blood reality or has it all transformed into some words on a computer screen?

Hence, this is what I take back from the movie.


Reality, the yin to the yang of all us bloggers.

Have a beautiful day you all! 🙂



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