From the Chefette Diaries – 6

Cuisine: Mexican

Dish: Enchiladas


I would like to take the credit for this Mexican marvel that you see above, but the truth is my mother did most of the work, besides some of the fun parts that is (I still call certain parts of cooking ‘fun’ and the rest ‘un-fun’). I suppose it is safe to sat that if I take a log gander into my family tree there must be Mexican somewhere in there because this tasted SO GOOD!

Then again, I’m hardly form Mehico to do the judging bit.

Anyhow, the recipies, I did find, and here they are.

You can make the tortillas at home as well which is painfully simple and what we did (with all the simple pain of it)!

So, what really got me to thinking about Enchiladas were Ugly Betty. I am doing an Ugly B marathon and I love how her dad is always in the kitchen making some exotic smelling (I suppose it smells exotic!) Mexican dish, you know, since he was a chef and everything he’s typecast to always be cooking, and it got me to thinking.

Friends always makes me crave pizza. Two broke girls, cupcakes! Desperate housewives did it as Bree’s shortbreads, anime and ramen :’), kung fu panda and dumplings!, well, the list is endless really, and these aren’t even food movies/shows!

Food is that silent ingredient that sneaks in and adds just something so succulent to the whole experience, and we don’t even notice. If i make a movie someday, there will be some very tempting Enchiladas in it. Or tea. Or tripple chocolate brownies.


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