Before ’14 kicks the bucket

I like bucket lists.

Do you wanna know why?

Well, if you are still reading then you most certainly do.

I don’t fancy bucket lists  for the actual reason who ever created them did, to ‘live’ before you kick the bucket, to have done a bunch of small and great stuff that you can carry with you to the grave, that in a way makes you feel you’ve seen the best of life before you said goodbye, sometimes things that others remember you by, that’s wonderful, but no. That isn’t why I like bucket lists.

Then there is the other reason, it’s things people do when they need to add quality to their lives. People who are maxed out on the treachery of mundane, who feed their stomachs but have nothing to feed their souls, who work or study and earn or gain, and yet, they feel empty, they feel barren, they feel unfulfilled. So they take on a bucket list, in order to feed their souls, to do things that are recreational and help them grow and complete the person they are meant to be and the ‘life’ they are meant to have.

There are people who see bucket lists as a sort of resolution for the year, a way to complete all you wanted to but didn’t in the last (few) years, a list of things to do that you can’t seem to find time for between work/school and procrastination. Let’s get it done and with a deadline, that ought to put a challenging spin on things!

Enfin, there are the ones who are simply bored/unemployed/on sabbatical and want to make the most use of their time doing whatever it is that they consider worthy fillers.

While I do appreciate and totally concede with the seething realities of all the above reasons, none belong to my kind (okay maybe I do fall into a bit of the last one).

Hence, the very odd song for a bucket list post. Let’s get real, Iris?! That’s a love song!

And my bucket list is for love.

Not just the love of living, but the love for life, and all the love it has scurried and buried (rhyme unintended) in a million parts of my being as and when I was being created. I know for sure that with each little task I will uncover some form of that love and that’s why I believe in a bucket list, and I take mine very seriously. I’m still working on completing the list but by the weekend’s end I should have around 50 items to check off, and I may just post my list here if I feel up to it. Nonetheless, you will be a part of my journey as always and together, we will find love. lots and lots of it. I promise.


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