Inspirations for your Bucket

Alright, so bucket listing time!Like I said, I intend to take you on this journey with me, so whoever is reading this and need some inspiration for a list, here goes!

Above are some absolutely fabulous ideas for a bucket list! Though I did find many other websites, I liked this because it categorized sections, so you can check whichever area you may be interested in and gather inspiration/ideas for your own list!

I came across another list just yesterday while hunting and thought it was worth a share as well!

100 things – The bucket list

Now I like what this wonderful person is doing because a) His list is real and so has a whole bunch of non-cliche stuff in it, which I think is very cool! and b) He is actually taking us along on his journey and showing us each item as it gets checked off his list. I like that, very interactive! 9abcb01b765b7c3d46a772ae94710f2e

So yeah, I’m working on mine and had such an overflow of things I wanted to do I made them into two lists, one for major stuff, and one for menial things that I just want to have done for a reason no one else may be able to comprehend. I’ve ripped some ideas from online and other places, and have a whole crazy bunch of my own, but I think it’s gonna be a crazy experience and not one I will repeat every single year (although I do have my ‘lifetime BL’ on my wardrobe as inspiration to not suicide *joke*) so I’m all worked up!

Another suggestion to really built up your BL juices, PINTEREST! When you see these words with pictures it does something, I swear!

Alrighty then, so long y’all!


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