Inspiration & People

When I talk to most of my friends, they tell me about all kinds of people they’ve met during the very miniscule time gap we haven’t spoken. They tell me about funny things that happened at work/school, about mind-blowingly sensational experiences they have from time to time, they tell me of hilarious little sojourns they embarked upon, all very much the Woodhouse novella.

Alright, so it’s not like I totally procrastinate every day but when I look at things in my life as a whole, procrastination seems to be the key word this past year. I often need to fight myself to look at things differently, but sometimes I seriously wonder, is that just mollycoddling my mind from accepting that I’m just your everyday procrastinator born with the gift of bantering rather well, so it seems like  I do something with my days?

The truth is, I am travelling this journey alone and that, my friend, does not help the cadence of this run. My friends and family deal with people they meet and speak with every day, and as sure as I am that that has it’s own set of cons, it is enriching in more ways than I dare count.

When it comes down to me, myself and I for a longer time frame than you imagined, you begin to worry a little, wonder a little, think if there is any use to anything you even do anymore?

I am not saying that I don’t have friends because I have the most wonderful ones anyone dare dream of, but it’s MY journey and they are all just little helpers to get me by, the same as I am in their lives.

So I begin to think now, are some people’s lives meant to be effervescing with all sorts of people, is that their form of nirvana, their inspiration, the wind beneath their wings, and are some of us meant to be alone majority of the time and draw all of the above mentioned from the  halcyon within ourselves?

All my life I have met people, sometimes just for five mintues, who have left an imprint on me. This year, I met a whole bunch. Sharon, for making me not regret my decision and movie forward with closure, Mauve, for your questionable smile and large eyes that were always so curious, Nida, because your presence was more warming than anyone’s I felt in the place, Sargam, because you were the perfect fluorescent dash of pink and loud I liked to be around, Mrs. Roopa, the sexist professor I have ever seen, with your inexplicable accent and gorgeous face, your elegant sarees and the tattoo behind your shoulder that tells of your wild girl days, Mrs. Shanta, because without you I would never have had the courage to voice out my thoughts in such a public forum, and from whom I learnt so much in such a short period of time,  Nishat, who made my very few days at work impressionable and finally Rajni, who not only exudes beauty on the outside, but someone wise and colourful and someone who will go a long way with her project

Had it been another day, another time, another situation, I could have stuck around the lot of you longer and maybe even become friends with you, but life is such a funny thing that way.

I just want to say that though there aren’t many people I encounter every single day, just a few are enough to keep my mind buzzing like a busy little bee into my forever.


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