From the Chefette Diaries – 7

Todays was cupcake day!

So today I made a few Earl Grey cupcakes with whipped lemon icing.


The above given site was what I used, but I tweaked up the sour cream part with whipped cream and lemon zest because I wanted to be all fluffy and flavoured!

If you live and would die for tea like me, THIS is your cupcake, bake it or buy it! Beg, borrow, steal! You have to have it!

I added a little purple food colouring powder and silver sprinkles on top to add to the pretty-nes?  20140412_225348 copy

Cupcakes remind me of Two broke girls. My best friend and I began our own little business last year, in paper crafts, not cupcakes! We have had so many set backs and sudden interruptions and well, life got in the way a lot I suppose. However, we still run it whenever we find people in need or see an opportunity to reach out to people. 

That’s what I like about Max and Caroline, even when they are down to nothing, they march on to win. it’s a show and we are all pretty sure it will end well but our lives are so much like that. DO  NOT close any windows because it’s starting to get a little chilly outside, wrap yourself in a quilt and look out, think of what you have accomplished regain your faith and admire the cold outside until spring blooms upon your life again.

I got all that from making a cupcake? Oh well, I always was a weird one.




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