Reality Check?

Quest of the day: Imagination, Boon or Bane?

Yeah, I’m aware that that sounds like a fifth grade essay topic from English class! 😀

Jokes apart, which is it?

We all do that thing in our minds from time to time, when we sit on a ride gazing out of a vehicle, when we go on long walks, when we listen to music, and sometimes even between conversations.

We do it, but I don’t quite know what I should call it.

Some call it day dreaming, some call it living in a bubble, some call it ‘not quite all there’.

There may be a pinch of all of the above in my quest, but the operative question is this, how can we NOT do it? Or more importantly, why shouldn’t we do it?

How do I stop myself from thinking how fabulous I’ll look and how happy I’ll be and how much fun I’ll be having when I run into my ex-boyfriend? How do I stop myself from thinking how fantastic a person I will seem to those who dislike me when I am around people I love? How do I stop myself from imagining perfect first meetings, or perfect returns to a land I call home? How do I stop thinking about the answers I give to people about my writing inspiration and technique once I become a famous author? How do I stop thinking how I am going to raise a child, or what my child will look like, or be like, or want to do with their life? How do I stop thinking that once I am dead, someone very close to me will read my journals and find depths in my words that I never knew? How do I stop all these absolutely, hilariously, narcissistic thoughts that desecrate the sanctity of living in the right here and now?


I know that nothing I think of will happen the way I think of it, but the funny (you may feel free to call it naïve) thing is that I do believe that it will all happen to me someday. Not when I plan it, not how I plan it, but I’ll have it all.

So is it okay to imagine? To daydream? To live in my bubble? I think so.

I like my bubble, it’s clear so I can see outside and stretch out just long enough to ‘live in the present’, and then I return back in where I am protected  from the cacophony of the minuses that berate my mind.

P.S. If you haven’t already, do watch Under the Tuscan Sun!


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