Quirrk and I

It’s almost been a year since I began blogging.

I’ve mentioned the reason once before but for those of you who don’t know I’ll say it again

I used to write an abnormal amount of facebook notes, and towards the end of college it was a very emotional time and I would be bombarding peoples homepages with notes written about my friendship with all the people I met along the sojourn of my three years of undergrad school.

So a couple of people (whom I owe SO much to today!) asked me if I blog and one even suggested that I should because he would be interested in reading what I had to say about things. I merely took it as a form of flattery, but then again, I thought, why NOT blog?

Clearly I am made for writing and that’s what I do in some form or another everyday, so why not make it official in front of my friends and family and say the ‘I do’.

I did.                                                                                                                                                                                              

We didn’t say we would stick around with each other till death do us part but we did promise to be each other’s fortitude amidst turbulent times, through sickness and in health.

And here I am today staying proud beside my partner, my best friend, my lover, my soulmate.

Quirrk, with all its extra r’s has given me SO much, so much more than anything I could have dared imagined.

Quirrk made me believe that I DO have a voice, that people DO, sometimes, feel a little happier because of me, because of us. Quirrk made me believe to just keep dragging myself through even when the times are hard because one day you will wake up and see you have touched someone’s life, and know the crawl was worth it. Quirk gave me back an old friend. Quirk kept me occupied when I was in any waiting room. Quirk helped me expiate some of my regrets and wounds. Quirk gave me release of my pain, and helped others connect to my pain and together build happiness, build towers and castles of love.

When I was down and under, I always thought of Quirrk, and she waited for me patiently to return to her when I was ready. Sometimes, when I would completely go off the radar, she would find me and bring me back and place me in front of my computer and yell “TYPE!”, and the words always drawled on to the screen like an accent I forgot I was brought up in.

I love her because she waits for me, and I have no time limit, she is always there, and her love, her insanely turbulent love makes me go back and give her my all every other day, to say the least.



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