My favourite blogs

As I mentioned in my last post, it’s almost been a year since I began blogging. In this short span of time, I’ve come across some really really amazing blogs, but my personal favourites will always remain these three:


No one, and I really mean NO one gets near Carrie Bradshaw fashionista like Kate! (p.s. check out garry pepper too, it’a not exactly a blog but it’s wonderful nonetheless!)


Now this is one heck of a fantastic blog! It’s filled with stories of all sorts of kind acts people do for others around the world, and it is updated so often that you want to just cry at all the goodness that is actually around us but we don’t pay heed to!


Emily January runs a fantastic scholarly yet simplistic blog. When you read her, be it Jane Eyre or a children’s book, she throws such a mindful insight on everything. ¬†For book lovers, Emily’s blog is an absolute must!



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