Happy Quirrkday – Part 3

All my narcissistic musings aside, blogging has been a surreal experience in my life.

I came into contact with a whole world, a whole side of virtual reality that I had no idea about, an entire platform for people to say what they want, for them to connect to others who feel and think the same way, garner power, strength, inspiration and answers from. A platform for people to encourage you, for them to help you, for them to sometimes show you the flipside of the coin, and all we are are regular people with a computer and an internet connection.

That is what I love the MOST about blogging. We reach out to exactly the kind of people authors aim to reach out to everyday, the every day (wo)man. And together we have some mad, quirky, undeniable fun!

As a part of my one year celebration I will tag two people who I think should begin a blog and a year from today, let’s see how it goes! 😀


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