Happy Quirrkday – Part 1

Happy birthday to Quirrk!

We are one wholeee entireeee year olddd noww!! 😀


Alright, so my ideal one year blogging situation is far from where I am right now (details will be posted later) doing what I am right now, nonetheless, Quirrk’s ONE! And MAYN DOES THAT CALL FOR SOME SERIOUS CELEBRATION!

The journey so far has been absolutely fantabuously entirely phenomenally sensational, TO SAY THE LEAST. I used to think blogging was about having a voice and getting it out there, and having atleast one person read me once in a while. So I wrote, about all the things I knew, questioned the things I didn’t know or understand and chided with the clanking of the ever so phenomenal city AKA Bangalore and all it’s erratic subtleties.

Bravo! That was accomplished. However, the word change never held so much of meaning as it does today. I used to write for myself and for those out there who would listen, but as I gradually began to notice the pattern of writings people pay more heed to, you can imagine the ramifications! Then to get myself back on track I disclosed some HIGHLY personal instances, to be more in tune with the fact that my writing was as much for me as it was for others. Balance. I had to chase it for a bit but I think I’m doing alright on that front at the moment.

Writing is not just a one time thing. It takes as much dedication and fortitude as does any other profession/task/whatever we call accomplishments. I was surprised that I had that in me, for anything! I always thought that if something is meant to be it will come to you naturally and keep coming effortlessly. Then I had to grow up, and call the BS meter on that, until this month happened and I looked back at quirrk and smiled, I was right, I was write, all kids who believe in that dream are right, find your right dream and it will stick with you effortlessly. just NEVER EVER give up on it, like I almost did.



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