Happy Quirrkday – Part 2

As many of you know, I took up and gave up on two courses and one job during this past year, and all that had to do with writing in some form or the other. In June, I finally return to the one BIG TOWERING institution I was escaping from in the first place and running all over the country to hide from, The college I did my undergrad in. Ironic, isn’t it?

But that whole year of wrongs is what it took to make me WRITE. (I’m loving the play of words I can seamlessly keep tossing around here!) I’m heading back to do my masters in Social Work, and I believe in my heart of hearts that I have it dead on this time. so what about writing? What of all my other dreams? I wanted to work as a journalist, write a bestseller novel, work as a publisher, work as a teacher as a counselor and work for a social cause all before I turned 50. So what of all my dreams? I pick one and let the others down the pothole?

I questioned and asked some of my close friends but no one seemed to have the kind of whack you in the head with a dose of reality/dreams that I needed, so I did what I could, I waited.

And along came my answer, in an old classmate who never took up too well with me. I used to be under the staunch impression that she for whatever reason disliked me and stayed away from her even through the same university days. It’s safe to say the ground was icy at best. One unexpected night she inboxed me and said she could relate to my writings and that she enjoyed reading me from time to time, and when I told her all my dreams she was all green light all the way! No doubts, no questions, just go do it! Infact, she told me I was already doing it! There, that was what I needed and quirrk and God ofcourse, gave her to me just at the time I needed to most know what step to take next.

Following which there came a day where I sat down to blog but words couldn’t, wouldn’t find me, and I tried and I tried but all I could sprout was LAME. So I cried. And I realized I was a gifted person and I said thankyou to God and promised to NEVER EVER hide my light under the bushel, even think of it, again!

That was the decision I made that day when I looked back and realized how precious my blog is to me.


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