Your Kinda Love

Keeping a blog is narcissistic. So is living you know, it’s mostly all about what you think should happen in your life and making decisions that affect your life and being obsessed with those decisions if they were ever wrong or right, and mostly never finding out.

So let me indulge in a little more me.

I have had a rather eventful day today, and although I enjoyed most of it some of it tore my hear away. This isn’t like a journal or anything so don’t worry I won’t bother inking the deets.

Here is a thought though, if your life were to be a movie, a romantic one, which character would you be? Obviously you would have to be the lead but what kind of lead would you be?

The one who ends up with their first love? More of a serendipity meets simply irresistible type love? would it be a lost valentine kind of love where old is gold, waiting for your beloved over decades or the couple who meet helping other couples meet? The friends with benefits love story? The Julia Roberts at her best friends wedding? The couples from the holiday? High school musical (I won’t judge, I actually think it is really sweet!), the twisted love affair from clueless? Katherine Heighl movies are just too out there for most of us to ever have lived but you got any of that 27 dresses-The Ugly Truth-Life as we know it stuff going on? Or are you the Dear John couple?

Just remember whoever you are, you are a special story. If you haven’t found one yet and are looking like me, then we’ll have our turn someday, and till then we will have best friends to remind us of other things in life. ILY Sonz.

Much love to all reading,



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  1. thenarcissistwrites says:

    You said it! 🙂

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