I’m Back!

I know I had decided to lay off the blogging for a while, but several factors have assured me that indeed coming back here was the most important thing I had to do (Okay not MOST important, but it felt pretty pressing).

SO much has gone on in my life in the past week or so, as did I have many thoughts to share not in relation to what went on in my life, as did I feel I was getting obsessed to sharing just that right portion of ‘something’ in here everyday, as did I have several things to do which if I begin I know I will be tempted to keep blogging about, I just felt, like I am sure most bloggers at some point do, that hey Soumya! (Yeah, that is what I call myself in my head. Sometimes I do a Soums too!) Your life is NOT a blog. That incessant need to come back to report, that need to document details while living and making a note of thoughts while thinking so that you can return and make a blog post out of it, that’s unhealthy.

Is it?

I think the cue is balance. Not blogging right now feels more like I am quitting because I cannot find the right balance, so I won’t do that.

I don’t think making a note of thoughts is a bad habit, I think it’s one we need to implant in our lives, because how many thoughts are there that graze our minds, but we never think them through? Like a trizillion! The truth is we only think through the thoughts which we think have ‘substance’ to back it up, and that is why it’s nice to make a note of the other thoughts, they may not sprout with substance, but hey, every sapling needs some water and sunshine. One of these little saplings may become a beautiful tree that gives someone shade, or food or shelter, or hey! they all may be. So I decided that it’s good to make a note of my saplings, it may be just for me, or for quirrk, or for someone who reads me.

As for pausing to live while living, although I am starting to believe that that is unstoppable if you blog, there needs to be a balance and I am still not strutting that runway with confidence. But then I realized, that’s what happens when the motto, the message of your blog is LIFE. Sometimes you get a lot of it, sometimes you miss it, mostly you are not even sure what you are doing, you are always trying to make sense of things and congenially failing, no, flailing, and hey folks! It’s time to admit it to yourself, all our lives are an Avril Lavigne song, you fall, you crawl, you break and you take what you get and turn it into…….

Have a lovely one my reader!



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