That Guy

There is a guy, the guy you are always warned about, the one you should always take heed of, never fall for, the one who is the very claws of heartbreak awaiting to suck you in and crush you senseless, crush being the operative word here.

These guys are always ephemeral crushes, ones who for some reason makes a girl swoon, they may not have a thing going on for them, but man, they talk smooth, and that makes them sexier than a supermodel!

The crush sometimes elevates, and that is when a girl knows she is in some serious trouble! Because he can’t commit, not how she wants, he is never totally complete with her, he either hates drama or loves it but pretends to hate it, either way, hearts always break around him.

Most of us have met this guy in some form or another at some point or another, I met mine, I was lucky enough to not be sucked into the eternal whirlpool of destruction, but exactly two years ago he had me on the verge on insanity, today we are good friends.

The girl however who falls total prey to this man, she is in for the ride of her life. My best friend and I realized the other day that these guys almost resemble psychopaths. They may or may not be, but be sure the girl who falls for one is sure to turn quite the psycho.

All I can say about this guy is this, know him, because if you don’t you miss out on the most amazing flirt, and get sucked into his whirlpool, because if you don’t you miss out on the most amazing flirting, but you know your way out. Think of it as a whirlpool washing machine, you get tossed around in it, but come out all sparkling and wise.

On that ridiculous note, have a wonderful, fluttery day you beauties!


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