My mother never throws out a single old picture, neither do I.

As I mentioned I’ve been on the 100 happy days challenge, and although the challenge required 100 straight happy days, I was a little gayer than that.

Jokes and puns apart, I decided that I couldn’t force myself to click a picture every day when some days there just really wasn’t all that very much to be happy about. So I thought I would give myself till the end of April, an extra few weeks, so that I can complete my 100 days of true real happiness.

Unlike most people I did not post mine on any form of social networking, but I changed my whatsapp display pic regularly in lieu of the challenge (Yes, now you can all stop getting annoyed at my frequent dp changes).


Here is to my final picture, and to Banana chips, whose power is TRULY TRULY underestimated worldwide.

So what were the 100 happy days about to me? Moments.

They were sometimes things that lit up your whole day but mostly they were just about moments of pure, unadulterated happiness. And a picture to remember the moment.

So what was the point of the challenge?

As I look back I think of a lot of moments I had captured wherein there was a smile on my face, and I recently read somewhere that when you look back, it was all the small things that were the bigger things.

I am not so entirely certain that in these 100 days challenge that would apply but looking back I see that at one point, that moment mattered, it may not anymore, so I hit delete.

Life is a kaleidoscope of moments. The snapshots in our mind that don’t matter get hit the delete button, the ones that matter stay, and in a few years or months we filter them again.

My mother never ever throws out a picture, no matter how old and rusted it may be, perhaps I learnt from her, because with life and the moments that stuck, I have no more delete buttons.


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