Bucket List Check

Watch the sunset from a beautiful place

A few days ago I crossed this off my BL as I watched the sunset from all over Fort Kochi, but mainly from the ferry and the beach.

Kerala has always been synonymous with beautiful to me, even when the land sometimes bore the brunt of my animosity, I could never deny its beauty. But the other day, while driving by to the beach during sunset, we took a turn through a little area with a broken fence, an old pond and some sort of green and orange growing all over it and beauty took a whole new level, it humbled me to tears, and that was the first time I have had tears in my eyes simply because a place, or anything for that matter, is just SO beautiful. That was also when I realized, I probably did have a bit of this land in me, like I always chose to ignore.


Write a letter to a favourite teacher

This has been one huge journey of fate, this one. From finding my old teachers email id to writing the letter to her beautiful reply, all I can say is, this one was written in the stars. I wish to share with you one part of her letter which made the whole experience worth it.

“in the midst of turmoil, sadness and anxiety about future job prospects your message was a shining ray and may God bless you abundantly for that. You took time and expressed so much it humbled me and I think you come from a good upbringing too and may you and yours be blest!!”

Enough said, it was truly worthwhile checking this one off the BL.


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