Another kinda pal

Recently I had an argument with a friend about how easy it is to maintain friendships today, and I do believe I was right, obviously or I wouldn’t have had the argument.

One of my best friends and I have been doing a long distance for a year, and we have only grown a hundred times closer. One of my other best friends and I graduated from friends in a group to best friends via long distance friendship. The key being, two people who care enough to take time out to talk to each other, how much ever time that may be, and the lock, being virtual media and technology.

Facebook, whatsapp, skype, viber, texting and even phone calls, if we still do those.

These are an array of gold medal locks to keep your friendship solid (I’d give skype and viber a silver but yeah!), all we need are two people, despite the changes in their lives and despite the so many new people they are amidst, who wish to still talk to each other.

My post however is about a whole other matter, friendships we form because of the above mentioned platforms.

I’ve formed some very special friends via virtual media alone, and today, after two whole years, I heard the voice of one of my very good friends whom I have never met or spoken to, and boy, it was a radical moment for me.

Trust, fondness, love, strong bonds, virtual media does NOT deprave our societies by scurrying away with these, so much, I promise you.  


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