Looking for something special

Today is a not so special day (I’m sorry folks who want me to say that every day is special or you can live like everything is a wonder or nothing is, etc. but today is just NOT a special okay!).

There are people who say that looking back it was a bunch of not so special days that were the change happening or that you go on for years with not so special days and then bam! In one month everything changes, so two thing are clear to me today.

  1. I read too many inspirational quotes (what can I do they are just all over facebook! Okay so maybe the thing is I spend too much time on facebook.)
  2. All that stuff may be true, but I’m greedy, and I want everyday to be special, and not ‘just because’.

I want something, be it something small but something, to happen everyday that makes me do a little dance (my little dances are for ten minutes exactly, 3 songs) or listen to a song because life is too special to not have some background music.

These were just insipid realizations you know, no epiphany here. I just thought I’d share some of my nonsensical thoughts with my favourite people, Sonia and all the others who sometimes read my blog but mostly don’t care.

I love you all so much. 😀


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