Is it just me or sometimes do you any of you feel like you are dead, placed in a coffin, just awaiting the degeneration of yourself to begin?

Lately more so than ever, I feel that way. It is not just that I don’t feel inspired, even when I push myself to, it’s that there is no happiness that just rests in a living body no matter what. It feels like I have to go hunt for happiness all around.

Shouldn’t a living body, one aware of her chakras to an extent, be able to feel the happiness in her soul? In the very pit of her gut shouldn’t there be mirth, or inspiration, or even a more placid sense of just contentment, than absolute scorn, distress and agitation?

But there isn’t. So, am I alive? Or am I a living dead?

It just feels like the bacteria are working their way up to completely destroy my sense of me and leave me nothing but buried bones rotting in an old, closed, dark, lonely coffin.


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