Would YOU take on your best friend’s children if she died?

A most extraordinary account of love, friendship, loss and fate bringing two families together.

Kindness Blog

Jane did – and though it’s torn her life in two, she insists: I don’t regret a moment

          By Jane Plume

Sometimes the most profound moments happen in the most mundane circumstances. Two years ago, I was having a cup of tea with my late best friend’s husband when four small words, uttered by me, made the biggest impact on my life I could ever imagine.

With those words, I made an irreversible decision that changed the course of not only my life, but those of everyone I hold dear. It would split my family in two, force me to give up my job and leave my days gnawed by guilt – but at the same time fill them with love.

The words were: ‘Of course I will,’ spoken in response to Shaun, husband of my best friend Gina, who’d been killed in a car crash two years earlier…

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