Good Faith, 3rd May

..Because life has its own plans for us than the ones we have in mind, sometimes even the ones we have pinned down to the T.

Disappointments, how do we deal with them?

Today was my best friend’s birthday and although I couldn’t be with her I had a bunch of stuff planned, not one of which went how I’d imagined. I can’t deal very well with disappointments so what I tend to do is throw my hands in the air and say ‘Ah whatever! I don’t care anymore’ and try living the rest of my day with it silently besetting my mind although I pretend to be ‘stronger than that’, besides, ‘Ah! Whatever’, remember?

So I doing this piece is a way of figuring out how I should handle disappointments more than a ready, steady, advice writeup.

Nowadays more than ever before I realize that no matter how much you plan, things more often don’t go your way than do, even something as simple as watching a movie, like whoever thought it would be mayday and then the movie would get cancelled? The way I see it, life is about wingin’ it. It’s all about the winging. So you go for another movie, it may or may not be good, that’s yet another risk you’re winging (thankfully it was).

I guess it helps to remember that there aren’t only disappointments but also a lot of appointments with fate that we did not see coming, like the sunset on the beach we hadn’t set out to visit, or the little beautiful church which was a diamond in the rough. It works both ways people, it’s just easier to remember the negatives.

So, in conclusion, always always ALWAYS be ready to wing it, be it a huge birthday surprise or even watching a movie, because life has something planned for us at each little juncture and as interfering as that may be, remember it means that the universe thinks you are special enough to meddle with so much.

Counting the pluses never hurts as well, the unforeseen little drop of magic that falls on you each day, let’s dwell on that just a wee bit more now, shall we?


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