Language Anew

So it’s been on my Bucket List (damn you little piece of paper!) to study a new language this year. My options were French (which I have already learnt in school but know pretty much nothing of), Japanese (because I am one of the biggest manga/anime fans that exists), Kannada (because I live in Karnataka and do not know their language) or…… Malayalam!

Now, now, before you judge me I understand Malayalam perfectly well and although not as fluent as I wish to be, I can speak it decently too, but I have no idea how to read or write it, so that was the final option on my list, and the one I chose to make use of with my mother here to coach me for a month!

I have never known a language but not known how to read or write it, so the studying process has been VERY interesting but man these alphabets are hard to write, they look simple, but my font looks more like a two year olds that a twenty two year olds! I was reconsidering Japanese once I began. Image

Nonetheless, I am (somewhat) down 25 alphabets and have 21 more to go, and then there are the maathras. JOY! I feel at war with my sane mind some times of the day lately, and whilst scrutinizing my mother write a new alphabet and wondering how on Earth I will ever write that is a perfect example of such times.

I’m sorry I’ve been a little off with the blogging since my return but I’ve had a few other projects going on (including ardently devoting time to my Jeremiah readings, God you are a top class lamenter, no wonder J laments in the next book!) which I will be sharing with you very soon! 😀

Stay amazing!


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  1. Wow. Learning a new language is always great! But Malayalam? really? I mean I’m from Kerala but I can’t write Malayalam myself! Embarrassing though. Good luck!

    1. soumyaj says:

      Haha I am twenty two and bored. That helps as motivation. And thanks! 🙂

      1. Hope you’d take time to visit my blog. 🙂

      2. soumyaj says:

        surely! 🙂

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