Summer Journey: Part 2


So what’s it like to be in Kuwait? Well, the home in the place is clad with too familiar, but the new way I have come to see the place is prospective. Prospect for growth, for change, for development.

As I looked at the stretch of sand speckled with some dark green oft and again from the airplane whilst landing, I felt like a child again, when I would return after a vacation and feel like I am home when I see that sight. Except I didn’t quite feel I am home this time, I felt the dual chord of familiarity and a primitive sense of a conquerer clasp around me. This was the place my next share of the summer would be spent in, and I needed to conquer it like a pro, could use some tips Alexander.

The truth is from the ride home to all the time I spent napping on my heavenly bed, I have been trying to figure out how I feel but I just don’t know!

I want to say something really poetic and wonderful, but it just feels like I am back with yet another home, a shrine of memories and a place of beauty, but a year away strangely isn’t as long as you would think, or maybe my sense of magic in ‘home’ has dissipated with my changing application of that term to this place and hence I feel nothing Wordsworthian to pen down, or well, type down.

It is nice though, to lie on a forgiving bed and pour over oodles of old memories whenever time has spaces to fill, so I won’t complain.

So thus begins my next journey, wish me too much luck won’t you, my darlings?


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