From the Chefette Diaries – 11

Dish: Bacon Mushroom Chicken


For those of you who thought that this one only cooks vegeterain, you are wrong! I deal with carcasses too. Here’s proof. Alright so my mom did most of the chicken meddling but I dealt with the Bacon. Anyhow! I must say HANDS DOWN this has been the most delicious dish I have made in this column! The juices and flavors are simple reverential!

The recipe I used, and decided is a top notch web page, is:


We added a bit of oregano (teensy bit!) and a little cilantro and celery (chopped from our backyard! :D) as well for flavor.

So do do do do try this dish it is simply sumptuous and I will love you unconditionally. (that’s just the song playing on the radio and is imprinted in my head quite awfully so I’m trying all I can to extricate it!)!

Have a lovely day!



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