Something old, Something new

I’ve been a little out of sorts since I’ve gotten here, In more ways than one. I guess it comes with a lot of stress and trying to find your own in a place that was nothing but your own and yet is now, well, different.

My heart doesn’t cry out with nostalgia at every little sight, sound and smell, it could be because I have a lot on my plate (chicken-bacon caserole-ish thing), or maybe it just isn’t as magical because I have released all the memories that tied me down here, and liberated as I stand today, the shroud of mystical enigma that cloaked everything I saw and touched and felt, no longer exists.

So I decided last night that I need to entirely redefine this place as well, there were great days but now this is going to turn into a different land, and I will do more than sit and bake in memories (I haven’t even read my old journals I am SO proud of myself!), i’ll make something of this place, I am not sure what quite yet, I may not know till the day i leave or maybe till the day I return again, but something will be made.

On that note, have a worry free, positive, liberating day sweet readers!



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