Silent Friends

Who are these people we call our ‘silent friends’?

Are they old friends who we lose contact with but linger in our goodwill? Are they friends who are busy in their lives and can’t keep in touch with us, or vice versa, anymore? Are they friends with whom friendships ended without final goodbyes and so they still linger around in our minds, like the ghosts of things unsaid? Or are they friends with whom we said our goodbyes but for some strange reason they seem to be people we can’t stop caring for no matter what?

Who, praytell, are our silent friends?

My friend and I were discussing our silent friends yesterday and while she had a bunch that fell into one category, I had a whole lot that fell into another.

The question that has been on my mind since our talk, and our coining the phrase however, is are silent friends friendly ghosts or evil ones?

Are they people who haunt our lives and whom we need to be exorcising? Or are they more friendly ghosts, like guardian angels, our shields, our weapons, our links to an era gone by that we can hold onto one end and reach the other when we choose, to put it simply, are they good, or bad?

My answer, not surprisingly, is they are what we make of them, they by themselves are not only silent, but vacant, we fill them with life and make them real, and hence, they become, our silent friends.

So do they fullfill an ache in our nostalgic hearts? Do they crush our today by reminding us what we don’t have? You tell me.



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