On nothing

I know it’s been a while since I have sat down for a post, but things have been very slow of late, and quite clearly no new thought has been tapping on the frontiers of my mind.

Here I am today with a post though, just because I miss writing here, isn’t that reason enough? How often do we just do something, call up or text someone, listen to an old song, re read an old book, visit someone, visit a place, just because we missed doing so?

Well, in my case, it is very often. I miss something, I do it, mostly anyway.

That’s about it for missing, let’s get back to the topic.

Oh, there wasn’t one, right.

Well, my life has been very slow which leaves me very restless lately, and I can’t find the meaning or purpose in a lot of it, but I know that I need to quit incessantly looking for it and when the time is right, it will come to me. The best I can do now is live, and live fearlessly.

So here I am, trying to quiet down the cacophony in my mind and trying to live fearlessly, but it is not very easy.

I would have thought that this would be the easy part of my vacation but nothing goes as planned, and so here I am, battling with fears, trying to feed off any leaf of positivity I find around me and I hope growing, just a wee bit at a time.

In stillness, I must find myself.


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