Who is she?

Happiness, how do I define her?

I know when she chooses to walk by me and befriend me, but I can’t quite give her a form.

She feels like contentment sometimes, peaceful and warm, she plays with the smile on your lips and jostles away all worries and trepidations.

She feels like glee sometimes, bubbling and exuberant, with ebullience to constantly keep you afloat.

She feels like giddy laughter sometimes, that of a girl first being told she is beautiful, that of first love, heck, probably that of love anytime!

She feels like your everyday grin sometimes, jovial, congenial, and natural as they come.

She feels like the heady laughter that implodes in your insides, soaking up every bit of you in return for nothing but incessant painful merriment.

She feels like an integral part of a lot of different moods and so many different smiles, but who is she, our friend, happiness?


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