The last of Spring


Staring at the bunch of sunflowers out on my front lawn, I smiled, because I knew they were important. They were the last of what spring proffered for us that the summer heat hadn’t already churned to mere dust. They were indeed priceless this year and deserved a smile of some sort to dance on my lips.

Lately I feel like I have been living with a small bunch of sunflowers though, the springtime in my life seems to have passed, and it is hilarious considering how one may call me at the very prime of youth, twenty one going on twenty two. And yet, sometimes one wonders like a much much older individual, where have the good days gone?

It is not as though my days are bad per se, but they lacklustre all the mirth, all that was pure unadulterated joy, all that was simply perfection to be revelled and reminisced about, and so it feels like springtime, or youth, bid a very early farewell sometimes.

I thrive on the fact though, that there is so much in store for me that I don’t know about, and perhaps, most likely, this is just a phase of sorts and I will once again write from the prime off springtime, and not the backseat carrying a few sunflowers.

Here is to springtime though, where beautiful beautiful memories are enshrined!


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