The rewards of Journaling

The way days crawl but time zaps by you is something funny.

Maybe it is simply our perception of time zapping by, when we look back and only a few memories stand out, time seems a lot faster than it actually was.

Those of us who keep journals know otherwise.

I’ve kept journals since I was fourteen and still do, I think it’s one of my only healthy habits. Ofcourse, I don’t write everyday like I used to, but I try my best to at least write as often as I can.

But journal writing has to be one habit I recommend to everyone reading this today. It is not just a mere outlet or an orderly healthy routine to keep account of your days, it is so much more than that.

A journal is a time capsule, one that you pull out from different eras and study, in detail, who you used to be and how your mind functioned. Looking back as I am, I often say I was a kid back then and trivialize most things of years gone by, things that were said and things that were done, but when I read about how my mind worked and how I truly felt each day of the year, I begin to realize how not so trivial things were.

We think that time zaps by us, but we only think so because we cease to remember so much of the years, and it seems faster, a lot faster, than it actually was.

When I read my old journals, they aren’t about memories alone. They help me remember the past I had forgotten. They help me make sense of the present that I somehow cannot because I lost my link to what got me here. They remind me of who I used to be, they tell me who I still am. They show me how I have changed and what changed me. They tell me how I haven’t changed and am still the same fifteen year old gal. But mostly I wouldn’t trade them for the world (not like anyone who owns the world would want my journals!) because they are an account of my life, and I know I am blessed to have them.

So I think everyone in this world deserves as much, a record of the treasure trove we call life, girl or guy, young or old, joyous or devastated, write, because YOU still matter. It doesn’t matter if you feel eloquent as Shakespeare or if your words barely form sentences (you must read most of my entries! I feel ashamed to associate the title writer anywhere near my name!), write, because someday all that matters will be that you did.


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