The Time Capsule

Bury a time capsule

So today I finally decided it was time to get the shovel and dig up a hole to bury a part of me in.

Burying a time capsule has been on my year’s bucket list since the start but I didn’t know where until it hit me last night, in my own backyard ofcourse!

We will vacate the house in a few more years and the legacy of house number 4, Central Avenue will still continue through different families and hopefully through different generations. Here is a picture of my back yard and the spot I chose, right next to the mulberry tree to plant my capsule in (it’s all watery as we are still trying to loosen the soil enough to dig further down).


In my time capsule I included a letter, a newspaper of today’s date, a currency note and a coin of Kuwait, a box of glitter, a picture of myself and one of my friend because he really wanted to be there in the capsule and an old cassette of 98 degrees that I have overused and worn out (I still have a tape recorder hah!) and I settled it all on rose potpourri I had made from our roses last spring.


I don’t know who will find this and if it will be in 5 or 20 or a 100 years, but whoever it is, I believe in fate and that it will be just the right person. So here’s to a buried memory!


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