Idiot Box Hours

I was informed today that my university is beginning a week earlier, which happens to be the day I land in the city, so much for my last leg of the vacation, I feel a little crippled now.

Looking back, I told my friend today, the most I remember about this past month was staring at the idiot box every night with my folks, and watching a movie.

It may have seemed like a nothing, and too simplistic a ritual to be all that is remembered in a month but that ritual, I realized last night, was more than just killing a few hours before bed, it was definitely more.

It was the only time we sat down as a family to enjoy something, or even do something, together. If it was all I remember of this vacation, I have no complaints because that is exactly what it has been about, family time.

Yesterday was a testing day for our family and there were several low points, too many to even have considered ending it with our nightly ritual. However, at around 10 pm my dad shows up asking where we left the previous night’s movie and if we were gonna complete watching it.

That was when I realized that that time was more than anything, a soother, a healer, an emollient balm of entertainment to wash away, or put away, our troubles as we prepare to settle in for the night.

It was a binder and a healer, and if that is what defines this month, I’ll take it.



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