From the Chefette Diaries – 15

The final post in this session is dedicated to summer, and hence I chose the perfect summer food, popsicles!


Popsicles are basically just yoghurt and berries blended and poured into a mould or a plastic cup, leaving it to freeze for 5 to 24 hours. Perfect to beat the summer heat and have a little of your heart melt with the wonderful snow white yoghurt (Honestly, a little too cold for me but yeah if it’s your thing give it a try right away!).

Along with today’s recipe I decided to talk about the Chinese movie Eat Drink Man Woman.

The portrayal of the food alone in that movie was something to look out for, as was the simple story of a father with three single young daughters, all looking for love and life in their own separate ways. The story is a funny thing as it is seen from each characters view, it remains so different, much like life. Of this cauldron of boiling and effervescing ingredients, we each give an aroma so different, so distinct, and so integral to the whole.

It has been joyous keeping this column and I thank all those who have read and carried back from it, to me cooking will always be something I know I am not born to do, yet something that I find solace and happiness in from time to time. I am not, and never will be a cook, but I can cook, and I can feed, and there is no greater joy than that. 🙂



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