Hello you beautiful people!

I know it has been a while since we have caught up, caught up being the operative word that has been defining my days of late.

There is so much to tell you about but let me pick out my favorite medal and adorn you with her right now so we can feel a little of everything together, life.

Of late the thing I have realized about life is, it isn’t always too easy to live it. Sometimes she breaks you into a million little shards and allows you to trip all over your sharp edges and just bleed. Bleed till you run out of blood to exude. Bleed till you run out of life to live. Bleed till you are numb and it is painless and all you know how to do is bleed.

She will sit back then, with her sardonic little smirk, and ask you to try living, such is life sometimes.

She reminds me so much of those pins who play on her board, sometimes a solace that defines solace, sometimes cruel, sometimes misguided, sometimes misleading, sometimes warm and sometimes stone cold. 

As I try to raise myself and look her back in the face, I hope I make more sense of her each day, but more than all else, I hope to never give up on her and to always seek to understand her and her so many muddling ways.


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