Good Faith, 11th July

This week I intend to share with you a most simple message of good faith. LIVE.
Something that infallibly cheers me up no matter what tune my heart may be singing at the time is feeling like there is life that I have embraced that has gone by me. I adore the feeling of looking back at the beautiful things that I have experienced and allowing myself to dance to this marvel that is life.
Yesterday I felt happy because I realized that very recently I tried cannelloni for the very first time, and in a new city at that. I looked back at various brand new dishes I have tried for the first time over the past few months and it felt so moving. I decided I would try to eat something brand new every month, or once in a few months. I smiled.
Last night, I thought about death, and I smiled again because I was reminded that my strange bunch of friends would always remember my lack of structure as bravery, I was grateful to have met them.
As I was packing to head to my new and sixth house in this city, I smiled yet again as I placed my hair iron in the bag. I remember I had once not all that long ago, had hair cropped into a short bob and now it hangs at my waist. The transient nature of haircuts was so exquisite.
Right now as I write, I pause to look a million times at my nails, bite it a little, think of all the years of nail biting and let’s be honest lack of any real nails on my fingers, and then I think of this summer and how my nails simply wanted to surprise me, twenty two years later, they decided to grow.
This morning while looking for some documents I picked up my air ticket from last week, I smiled once again because there it was, my first ever journey with my best friend, it happened, it was real, it was a dream.
The funny thing is, I wasn’t hunting for gratitude. As a matter of fact I was about to make a post about how hard it can be to find it, and instead here I am today writing this. Ah! Life, indeed she is a most radical entity!
So here is my very sound thought on finding a little of that trapped magic from the past and present when you need it, make a list (a list lover I am!). Make a list of all the experiences you have had, little and big ones, been cheated on, given birth, climbed a mountain, rode a horse, visited the Eiffel tower, been to a flea market, even your dirty little secrets, make a long list of everything you think was beautiful about your life, and when you need to find life, read it.
My list told me today, amongst tons of other things, that I have SOMEHOW owned a dog (being such an animal hater at that!) called Chess, I have had a stalker, I have fallen in love, I have climbed roofs, I have climbed a waterfall, I have floated on the Dead Sea, I have been a bridesmaid, I have had an operation, I have drowned, I have been prom queen, I have sang and danced in the rain with my best friend in the midst of peaking traffic barren a road, I have somehow walked on the bridge on river Kwai, I have seen a broadway, that I have jetskied with three fantastic people (I can just feel the water splash on my face even now!), I have climbed a tree, I have seen King David’s tomb, I celebrated my 13th where my Lord was born, I have (again why do I do these things?) rescued lady birds, I have dipped my feet in the waters at the tip of India. It has been a good life. It has been so fulfilling and no matter how today seems, there is simply so much to smile about.
Have a blast with your lists, and do let me know how they turn out! 🙂


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