The absconding role

I must not be of this generation, because they say that this generation is one of supreme multi tasking abilities.
I must not be a woman, because they say women do several things simultaneously like champs.
So I am probably a closeted male born into the wrong generation.
You may think that is a lot of looney talk but even the most basic homework and television recipe never worked for me, I mean, are you kidding?! Daughtry drowns trigonometry, that’s plain common sense.
Over the past few days though, I have been thinking of a little wider context than coupling school work and the TV. I have been thinking that I haven’t been a multi tasker even in my relations.
Every few years, since I was very little, I have dedicated myself, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes with utmost diligence, to being someone, a daughter, a sister, a girlfriend, a friend, and the truth is my life has always been about that one relation that I delve into more than all others at that point of time and seek to maintain.
Is that alright? I am not sure. Recently I heard a wise man say that each of us are defined by so many roles, that the story before us may not always be the reality behind us. In the most immediate sense I agree to play many roles, naturally. However the reality is that there is only but one single role that I truly take on at a time, and right now, that role is the absconder.
What about you beauties?


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