Bring me to life

At the risk of turning more personal blog than public, I must yet again share the tale of a beautiful beautiful weekend.
Calling all fellow poetry lovers in Bangalore, I have discovered yet another perfect place for you to indulge in some spoken word love every month! Atta Galatta, in Koramangala hosts JugalBandi Tadka, a space for wonderful recitation and enactment of words written by your everyday Bangalorean. It takes place the third Saturday of every month (so you know what you are doing on the 23rd of August!) and take this little writer’s word for it, it is one of the most moving evenings the city beholds every month.
Here is the link to the page of let poetry be, the initiative that hosts the event.
It was a little event a few friends and I discovered last month on missing a play we were actually hoping to attend and it has been like magic upon my wounded soul both the times that I have attended. So I tell you, if you are in this city, you simply must take a couple of hours off on your Saturday and be here in this wondrous, transcendental space.
I think what makes this ever more so phenomenal for me was sharing it, each time, with very special, dear friends. Have you ever been with a bunch of really close friends and felt something move all your souls in the same manner? There is something there isn’t it? It is remarkable a thing to be moved emotionally and spiritually in itself, but the awareness that the ones you love are being moved just as much as you unites your souls in the journey and it is indeed spectacular.
The evening ended reconnecting with a very dear soul to me, and I felt a little bit of normalcy creep back and thwart the thatches of my derelict abode. He makes me wonder, always, about the what ifs and the whys, and helps keep me close to myself, so here is some love for you, my dear one.
It’s been yet another weekend that has breathed a little life into my weary shell and here is a whole truckload of gratitude for the day!


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