I want

I wish you would be by me, always.

Every birthday, every Christmas and every New years eve

I want to be by your side,

I want to laugh with you, I want to cry on your shoulder,

I want to celebrate life with you every step of the way,

I want to share each milestone in my life with you by my side,

When things are jubilant I want to clink my glass with yours,

I want to raise my glass to you, to us, every time I raise my glass,

I want you to hold me when I vent, and I want to hold on to your familiar warmth,

I want to bask in your goodness always, in your comfort, in your presence, in your company,

I want you to be a text away from me, I want you in my life, in my city, every day,

I want to tell you when that unexpected phone call comes through,

I want to share all the songs of my heart with you,

I want to tell you so many million miscellaneous things,

I always want to hear the sound of your laughter,

I want to rest in the sturdy girth of your love,

I want you, always and forever.



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