Good Faith, 25th August

I went to a poetry reading a few days ago, where atleast three people read poetry tinkering around the same topic, dreams.

I’ve been doing some thinking about dreams myself. I realized there are two ways to dream, and it is important to choose the right one, or dreams may become synonymous to burdens.

One way to dream is to keep in mind what you want, and revel in its wonder, the change it will make in your life, be acutely aware of how powerful the dream is and channel it into your life. Transpose the dream from your mind to a random spot in your future road map, make the dream an actual part of your future.

This gives you not only the benefit of happiness in the present that you derive the utmost of from the dream, but it gives you an opportunity to send out messages to your future about what you want from it, and believe me, you cannot say what tomorrow beholds but never EVER underestimate the power you have to materialize a dream.

The second way to dream is to hold a dream in your mind and allow yourself to agonize over it being ‘just a dream’. You don’t wanna drop into that debacle! This is the unhealthiest form of passive dreaming and it begets zilch.

Well, let me tell you, it’s NEVER ‘just a dream’. A dream is a rite of passage into a future of your own making. I say, don’t ever be afraid to dream.


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