The blueberry muffin day

The truth, my sweet, is that yours truly has forgotten how to blog. So I am gonna take it from scratch again and try to redefine this little space we share here.

I got emotional so many times today it’s hard to keep track. Starting from the ecstasy I shared during intimate moments with a blueberry muffin I had been pining for to the last, while watching Finding Nemo. You KNOW you have to get the fluttery heart feelings when you watch Finding Nemo. The point of it all being that emotions, they were right there, on the surface, I find that when I am feeling strongly overcome by emotions, it’s easier to think.

I know they say emotions cloud judgement and all that but really, who are they? They say way too many things if you ask me!

I find myself at the brink of honesty when I am in a sentimentally riled up state. I like to think then, cause my thoughts are as true as my feelings, and I don’t feel apprehensive about admitting a thing to myself.

I’ve been thinking about odd matters, matters quite foreign to my mind, today. Ambition, purpose, drive, jealousy. Then there is the usual, love, and people.

On the off chance that you are looking for a point in this whole post, you should be knowing by now that of late my posts simply transcend *ahem evade* points. So stop looking, just read, don’t ask me why.

Oh hey! Here is a picture of my blueberry muff.


You know, I think I run the same thoughts over in my mind SO many times they are recycled and re recycled and done so over a hundred million times. So, they should be pretty eco friendly, if not original.

Now something that I never mentioned here prior to right about now is that I am a chick flick cinema FREAK. It’s safe to say that if it starred Anne Hathway, Katherine Heigl, Jennifer Aniston, Rachel McAdams or that endless list of heroines who love flaunting their happily everafters, I’ve seen it. Five times. At least. So I was talking about the Ugly Truth with my friends when we saw an ad on the tellie. The hot air balloon scene, EVERYONE knows that scene, I am not sure why. Well, I’m seeing it now, just thought I would let you know. Also, we all here wanna go on a hot air balloon. If not love, at least the hot air balloon.

Alright, my eyes are sore and watering (No, not from the movie, just because) so I will end this little post saying that love, my darling darling reader, is always just because. 

Also, the world should be made of blueberry muffins. 



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