Of Blog posts and journals

Hello again you fabulous people!

So today I did two things of venture. I made this – http://www.mrfood.com/Bar-Cookies/Peanut-Butter-Laced-Oatmeal-Bars (or at least my version of it) and I watched Chasing Liberty.

For all that talk I did yesterday about being the biggest chick flick buff and everything, I am not sure why I haven’t watched Chasing Liberty ever before. I can’t say I disliked it. (Thing about me, I never dislike romantic movies, even if they are lamer than lame, I just think they are created to serve one purpose, i.e. talk about love incessantly and that, they so wonderfully do) What really got me going in the movie was all the travelling about Europe, simply loved that!

Which brings me to what’s been on my mind, a theory if I may. I believe that if you keep something close to your heart with utmost vigilance for long enough, it’s not just you following it around, but it begins to chase after you too. The reasons I believe in this is endless, however one tiny little example is me, once again in the past couple of weeks, falling prey to wanderlust. I can’t get enough of travel stories and pictures and movies and just anything to do with experiences around the globe. Soon, I began to realize that travel began gravitating back to me. My dad, out of nowhere, began planning a family vacation and my best friends began travelling around the world (shoutout to my bud in Italy!) with great stories to impart with, not to mention the elevating pictures that began being whatsapped to me from places all over and the collection of leaves I will gather from different places (I have a WEIRD thing with flora, we’ll get into that later!), and now, I notice, even travel movies are finding me. Isn’t that just SO SO glorious?!

Alright, enough of my travel indulgence before I bore you guys to death. I just wanna say that if you really want something, hold it close to your heart, keep it on your mind, front and back, every minute of every day, get obsessed, dream of it awake and asleep, call out to it in every known and undiscovered form of communication and my friend, it will find you.

So yes, in case you were wondering this is going to be the new jornalish-blog voice that is gonna be going around here. The reasons are threefold. Firstly, there is inspiration. I have very recently become a Superwoman fan, you know, Lily Singh the youtuber?, because of her vlogs and I find her a true inspiration, and I am sure so many others do as well. When you become an inspiration to someone it is a privilege and a responsibility you unknowingly take on and though I am not deluded enough to believe I am anyone’s inspiration, if ever there is even one person who stops by this blog once in a while and finds slight joy reading a post, I think it’s reason enough to continue writing. Secondly, I have seen two of my favourite bloggers stop writing over the past year and it absolutely kills me! I had silently become secret friends with them in my mind through their photographs and little excerpts. I feel like I lost a friend, worse yet, sometimes I feel like I lost a lover because not only do I miss their company, I constantly wish I knew what was happening in their lives. (shoutout to Kate, I MISS YOU SO MUCH!) I don’t know if anyone could get that obsessed with my blog, but hey if you are, THANKYOU! I promise I won’t leave you hanging. Finally, although there is a severe loss of direction in my life (and hence, a real urge to quit doing a lot of things including writing) I had vowed to myself months ago that I would never take writing for granted and quit on a whim. So there. I know the stuff here is really newish and not what I usually write about but I’m on a journey just like you, mon amour, and we flow in all kinds of directions on this sojourn!

Much love,



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