A Monday afternoon chat

I abhor television. For SEVERAL reasons. To begin with, there are like four or five remotes to get the thing on the right mode, and I have NO CLUE what to do with all of them (technologically retarded alert). Secondly like forty percent of the time there is absolute trash playing on all the channels, and the other forty percent is reruns of the trash and the twenty percent remainder of the time when there is something worth watching, ALL the channels want to play such fantastic things together, I swear it is like the ultimate trial of decisiveness! Enfin, there are the ads! SO many and SO often and a majority are SO mind numbingly ridiculous! Reason enough for any half sane person (like myself) to hate the TV.

All that being said yesterday I had the most succulent TV experience watching Queen! It was simply way too fantastic! I hardly noticed that I needed to fumble with a few remotes to keep the volume in check, or that the ads were so long and so often and so painfully idiotic, and I didn’t even do the zapper with the channels to check what was playing elsewhere! Not even during ads, that is how engrossed I was in the movie! Hats off to Kangana. You made me spend a loving day with the television. No, really.

My being off whatsapp stint pathetically failed by the end of yesterday. Quoting a friend I was talking to “whatsapp is my only social life.” Yes, that is the truth.

Remember when I had said that when your favourite blogger stops blogging it feels like you have lost a friend? Well, yesterday I realized that although Kate and Babs may not be blogging anymore, I now have Kristi and Natalie, both such well written and insightful blogs. You guys are phenomenal! Don’t ever stop writing! So you lose a friend, you gain others. Although, I will always reserve a spot for when you come back (which I know you will someday) Kate!

Here is a random love song that I love, cause that’s always a good thing -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wlDKqCVhLE

OMG I almost forgot, Hullo new theme! 😀

I spent way way too long trying to find a theme yesterday. I wasn’t looking for anything very fancy but just a change, something refreshing. Now you may think that wordpress has so many themes, which it does, but believe you me (and if you are a wordpress blogger you know this) there are more unsuitable themes for you out there than unsuitable partners. So after a seemingly endless search I fell upon this theme, and when I tweaked the colour into purple, I fell in love with the look! And PEOPLE! I have archives back!!!!! Hurrah!!

Alright you wonders, on that note I shall make flight.




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