The return of la soeur

Ola beautiful people!

So what’s new in your world?

In mine, my sister is back from the UK and she got me stuff, A LOT of stuff. Really really pretty stuff.


There are two things I want to draw your attention to in this picture, firstly, do you see that blue thing in the centre? What is that? WALLET. Yes, my friends, yet again I have been gifted a wallet. Secondly, just LOOK at the amount of Eiffel towers! Paris, I know you are calling out to me. Patience my love, some day Je and Tu will umm.. how do you say meet in French?!

I feel a bit out of sorts today, you know, like I don’t seem to be fitting in anywhere, even in my own mind, I feel lost, like nothing seems to belong, or maybe like I don’t seem to belong anywhere. I don’t really feel in my element right now. In fact I don’t feel in any element. Do you wonderful people ever feel that way? Like you just need a long break from life as you know it to figure out what exactly you want from it, where you want to head, who are the people you want, how much of each person you want, what you still believe in and what you no longer feel for, if you changed and how you changed?

Doesn’t this look like Christmas?!


Well, on that note I shall take leave now. Have yourselves a fabulous weekend!


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