Blurred Lights

There it was, late afternoon 

A place in a city in a state,

Just like another place in another city in another state. Fotor_14100947442048

Endless downfall of water, swivelling heaps of water,

Capricious fragments of a thought being washed away

Before it even spoke to me.

Blue? No, the feelings are colourless

Just like the ricocheting bounds of water crashing against the asbestos.

Memories, lights, and a familiar face,

I blandish myself to be more than jaded, 

Go on, smile, laugh, embrace life,

You’re more than this, you are every whiff of poignancy you look for,

You are the rainbow and the pot of gold,

You are that bird, the one with the enchanting plumage,

No, it’s trite. You continue to let the water bounce off,

You open the umbrella and walk away from the lights that eschew contours.

A song one of my new favorite bloggers talked about 


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