Hey Y’all!

So it’s been on my mind since quite a while but it wasn’t until last week, especially since yesterday, that I realized how much I needed to maintain a separate blog for more personal musings. So, I officially began another blog, click here to view and follow me there!

Today what’s been on my mind is stats. Now I take each follower of mine very seriously so when I realized that I was unfollowed by someone it rather upset me a bit. It made me wonder, what did I do wrong? It has happened to me before as well and my conclusion about it is always the same. Well, if you follow me because you like one post of mine, I can imagine you getting disappointed a plenty because I write about such a wide variety of things in so many different styles. So I suppose I can understand why someone would unfollow me, they didn’t get enough of what they thought they were signing up for. No hard feelings, but hey, if you are reading this post and thinking of following me I’d say scroll down a page or two or three and figure out what I’m about before you do :).

I had a thought today, what if I never met you guys? Alright I am being overly dramatic and quoting the Bradshaw here but SERIOUSLY (and that was all in caps so you KNOW it’s serious), you all have been my absolute rock through this past year and a half. When everyone and everything failed me, I’ve always had you to see me through, darkest of days and happiest of days, hate and love and pain and joy, you were there with me through all of it. I just wanna say that I truly thank you all for being a part of my life and I really love each one of you out there reading this.

However, wordpress has been disappointing me a bit of late. Being such a staunch devotee of wordpress, I equate her to google and search any topic I want separately on wordpress besides google searching. Scouring through this website, I was disheartened to realize that there are only a few tag words that are commonly used and most topics in this world are not even tagged once here! I’m all out to change this and I wish for you to join me on this mission. Tag all your topics, be thorough, and help people find exactly what they are looking for!

Here is something I have been trying to apply to my life.





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