Weekday Brunches

Now I felt the need to blog about this place, solely because it was different.

My friend and I were walking along the JNC road yesterday because the previous day she proclaimed that a whole new string of eateries had sprung up on the road (it has!), when we noticed Cup O Joes. My first thoughts, it looked like a toy house!

We were seated on the rooftop and the interiors and crisp autumn air were both delicious. What was NOT so delicious on the contrary, was the food. I won’t say it was bad per say, but for sure, it wasn’t worth the price. It had fantastic interiors though, and a bookshelf with my favourite novel in the world, so extra extra extra points for that!

To be fair, although the food and service kind of blew, we were given SO many complimentary things it rather made up for it, rather.

I’d give the place a 6.5/10, but I won’t lie there is something about the place.

Fotor_141034897745720 Fotor_141034902408288 Fotor_141035231554161 Fotor_141034931884613

Today I went to Habanero, again along the same road, and the experience was fantastic! From the interiors to the service to the food, I’d say it was pretty flawless. A little pricey maybe, but certainly worth it! It could have been the quality time conversation I had with my friend there that biases me, but I’d go ahead and say you should try the place out yourselves!

Fotor_141043211034772Fotor_141042778957814 Fotor_141042782235444 (1) Fotor_141043229265415


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