SO! I finally, and when I say finally I mean finally finally finally finally, completed that short story I was working on! Baby steps. Someday, I WILL be done with all of them.

In other news, my nonsense travel plans got eliminated a hundred fold and I am returning back to the amazing B town tonight!

What I really wanted to tell you wonderful people about is about people, how surprising they can be, how unexpected they can be, and how you can honestly never know what’s coming.

As mentioned in so many of my posts prior this, I’ve been going through a rut of sorts and have had all sorts of changes happen with me personally and otherwise. Some days I fear stepping out into the big bad world and telling them what I am now. The truth is most days I myself don’t know what I am, I feel that I have been stripped off of all I defined myself by and now staring at the penumbra of what remains, I wonder, who am I?

In these trying times, more so than ever, it has been very important to me to be around people who understand and accept what I am right now, and love me unconditionally anyway. People have surprised me.

Many who I thought would accept me any which way turned their backs on me, made snide comments, judged me harshly, and those I was trepid about being near took me in with arms wide open. To those who shunned me, I have little regrets about them, I am glad I realized sooner than later who was to stay. Those who stayed by me, I am grateful I chose friends like you, you have been monuments risen in love for me, you’ve been my all.

The point is, people surprise you, every day in so many ways they befuddle you, and while that is sometimes frightening, downright fearsome, sometimes there can be no sweeter joy.

However, it is not just people, life surprises you too. Never gauge your past experiences and presume that you have a pattern at hand that will predict your future. Never look at another, or a whole bunch of other people’s stories and try predict the final outcome of your own.

Well, I just had to say all those things. Hope you enjoyed the read, remember, no one knows what will happen tomorrow, you have the power to will it to bend any way you want.


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