2014 Homestretch

….I want to end it on a high note and hit the ground running with wild abandon.

That's Another Story

Quote About How Much Changes in a Year Photo Credit: Pinterest

Not only is today a new day and a new month, but it also is the start of the last two months of 2014.  If you know anything about me, you know that while I eschew the holidays in general, I absolutely become giddy with excitement when it comes to the New Year and all of the opportunities, hopes, dreams, goals, and intentions that await me.  Usually, I embrace Thanksgiving, then white knuckle it until New Year’s Eve, when I feel like I can exhale after the Christmas hustle and bustle.  Today, though, feels different.

No, I have not drunk from the Christmas Kool Aid, but I also am not wishing away these next sixty days like I usually do.  Instead of hitting fast forward and phoning it in the rest of the year, I am hitting play and looking at ways to build on the successes…

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